Recent critical praise for
Bob Weir’s Blue Mountain…

The New York Times
“It’s an album of stately, autumnal, metaphysical cowboy songs…full of towns, women and aspirations that have been long since left behind,
but not forgotten.”

NPR Fresh Air
 “Weir has made his version of a memory album. But it’s never weary or nostalgic. It achieves a glowing serenity that can only be earned by long experience.”

NPR First Listen
“Now, fans can take a step back and admire Bob Weir for the extremely gifted songwriter he’s become. Hiding behind that post-Dead beard is a poet laureate of deep thinking and whimsy. His voice has taken on a character that finally replaces the forever-young, fresh-faced heartthrob fans knew so well, but even with age, he sounds as good as ever.”

“…what emerges on the heartfelt Blue Mountain…is another chapter of his life as a storyteller.”

“The characters and circumstances he’s chronicled were pulled from great American musical traditions, as well as his own self-exploration as he’s matured and become more observant.”

NPR All Songs Considered
“‘Only A River’ is an emotional reflection on life.”
“A spirit of celebration radiates through Weir’s voice…”

Rolling Stone
“[Weir] sings about ‘plain-spun and rough’ lives, ‘cutpurse’ evenings and unhappy trails, while a nimbus of electric guitars surrounds his acoustic bunkhouse strumming…a wry round of soul-searching, no wide-open spaces required.”

USA Today
“Bob Weir sure as hell hasn’t forgotten where he’s come from…you feel that same pull to the open road that Weir has been writing about for however many years, and knows as well as anyone.”

Entertainment Weekly
A- rating

“The way Weir updates the style for a modern audience, while retaining its inherent, timeless spookiness, is remarkable.”

7.5 / 10

“Unquestionably his best solo release since 1972’s Ace, Blue Mountain finds Weir in territory that is both new and intimately familiar.”

“Weir and his collaborators evoke rolling rivers and dry counties, ghost towns and unmarked graves, cold church basements and pouring whiskey on ashes. It’s classic Weir, tumultuous and untethered from time distilling spirits both chemical and organic.”

“…folk/blues nuggets…take-your-time arrangements as wide open as the Ansel Adams-style Montana vistas…”

“…appropriately hushed and reverent for his newfound status as an elder.”

The Boston Globe

“There’s plenty of expert songwriting to appreciate.”

Associated Press
“A heartfelt and earthy solo record…”
“Unlike anything he’s done before…and should resonate with fans who have been along for any part of the long, strange trip of his unparalleled career.”

Garden & Gun
 “All told, Weir serves up a perfectly sliced piece of Americana.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Weir at his angelic dreamiest as a singer…”

“At age 68…Bob Weir has showed no signs of slowing down…”

“It’s a country-flavoured collection of resonant ballads and rustic reflections…another fine addition to an album canon now well into three figures…”

“Bob Weir escapes to ‘Gonesville’ in his new cowboy inspired tune.”

“Weir has climbed many mountains over the last 50 years—and this journey is a wonderful one to join.”

Consequence Of Sound

[Of “Only A River”] “A mellow, rolling cut”

“A throwback to Weir’s roots…a rare and special chance to see a rock legend turn the clock back to show his fans how it all started.”

ABC NewsRadio
[Of “Gonesville”] “The rootsy and rollicking ’50-inspired tune is driven by an upbeat acoustic guitar, along with some mournful harmonica, reverb-drenched electric guitar, sparse percussion and gospel-flavored backing vocals.”
“Weir in storytelling mode with an acoustic guitar…”

Guitar Player

[Of “Only A River”] “Moving New Single”

“It’s fun to follow Weir’s teen years in Wyoming through such unabashed cowboy ballads as ‘Storm Country’ and ‘Ghost Towns.’”

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