The official music video for Brandi Carlile’s “Party Of One” starring Elisabeth Moss is premiering today. Watch/share HERE.

Produced by Whooden Collective, the video stars Moss, who also served as Creative Director and Producer, and features a female-led crew including Bérénice Eveno (Director), Nicole Disson (Co-star), Diane Pellegrino (Producer), Garen Barsegian (Executive Producer), Kate Siegel (Executive Producer), Tara Bassim (Line Producer) and Cristina Dunlap (Cinematographer).

The release of the music video follows a monumental year for Carlile, who is the most nominated female artist and the third-most nominated artist overall at the 61st GRAMMY Awards with six nominations including Album Of The Year (By The Way, I Forgive You), Record Of The Year (“The Joke”), Song Of The Year (“The Joke”), Best Americana Album, Best American Roots Song and Best American Roots Performance.

From Brandi Carlile:
“When I thought about making a video for ‘Party of One’ I couldn’t stop picturing Elisabeth’s face. I believe she is the absolute best actor out there right now, no one has ever impacted me so much without saying a word. I never even asked anyone else. I sent Elisabeth a letter and she called back and suggested creating a love story about two women and using a female crew. A brilliant group of women are responsible for every part of this incredibly human love story and I’m more proud of it than anything visual I’ve ever done.”

“Writing ‘Party Of One’ was a cathartic way out of one of my longest nights. Marriage equality was never a part of my story growing up. It is still a new concept, even to me. I think that after being told for long enough that being married isn’t something you’re worthy of, you fight that deep down demon in a way you can’t recognize until things get really hard. I think there is profound determination inside of all of us to prove to the rest of the world that we can make love last and weather the storms, just like anyone else. At the end of the day, marriage means something to me. We are witnessing an entire generation gaining access to a basic civil right and all of the passion and responsibility that comes with it.”

From Elisabeth Moss (Creative Director, Producer, Actor):

“The main reason I wanted to be involved in this music video was because of this incredible song. I had accosted Brandi when we were both on ‘Ellen’ because I had been obsessively listening to her cover of Bryan Adams ‘Heaven’ to help me prepare for a cover I had to do it of it for the movie Her Smell. When she sent me this song and asked me to be involved in the creation of the video shortly afterwards I said yes immediately after I listened to the track because I fell so head over heels in love with it. It’s one of those most beautiful musical pieces I’ve ever heard, right down to the string arrangement at the end.”

From Bérénice Eveno (Director):

“When Elisabeth Moss came to me with this beautiful song and the idea of expressing it through a love story, I was flooded with inspiration. I wanted to capture a love so deep that it permeates everything around you, every object and every inch of space. A love that haunts you and never let’s go. That’s what this song is. It haunts you and never let’s go of you. I’m still delightfully haunted by it.
The creative process was amazingly fluid thanks to the incredible team working together on this project. It was such a privilege to work with Elisabeth, who is not only an absolute powerhouse on screen, but also had such an intelligent sense of storytelling and depth throughout the entire off screen creative process.

Working with extremely talented collaborators & friends like Nicole Disson—who plays the wife, Cristina Dunlap—who lensed the video, and Whooden Collective—who produced the film, added to the intimacy, beauty and honesty of the piece. And to bind us all, Brandi was a wonderfully gracious and astute support throughout. Her sensibility shines through the video and I am immensely proud of that.”

A duet version of the song, featuring Sam Smith, premiered earlier this fall. Listen/share HERE. Profits from the recording benefit Children in Conflict via Brandi Carlile’s Looking Out Foundation as part of its ongoing campaign to raise $1 million for children impacted by war. More information can be found at and

Released on Low Country Sound/Elektra Records (purchase), By The Way, I Forgive You continues to receive overwhelming critical praise…

“Brandi Carlile lets loose and reaches for the sky.” —American Songwriter, Top 25 Albums of 2018

The 50 Best Albums of 2018 (So Far): Critic’s Picks —Billboard

“…her new musical masterpiece, By the Way, I Forgive You.” —The Bluegrass Situation

“It’s my album of the year” —Elton John on his Rocket Hour radio show on Beats1

#11: The 20 best albums of 2018 —Entertainment Weekly

#3: 10 Best Country Albums of 2018 —Esquire

“…a master class in heart-on-sleeve songwriting as resistance. Add on her truly incomparable vocal performances, as well as a captivating live presence, and there’s no way not to want Brandi Carlile to take over the world.” —Folk Alley, Best of 2018

“…an anthem for the belittled and bullied…evokes the grand crescendos of ‘A Day in the Life’ and the finale of ‘Abbey Road’…” —The New York Times

“…haunting and ethereally beautiful. By The Way, I Forgive You is an album for the ages.” —No Depression

By the Way, I Forgive You is a ten-song reckoning.” —Noisey, The 100 Best Albums of 2018

#28 “The Joke”: The 100 Best Songs of 2018 —Noisey

“Carlile’s huge, warm voice, with its vibrato ending each phrase as if turning into a memory, works perfectly within the album's grand, expressive settings, untethered to genre, massive but intimate.” —NPR Music, Best Albums of 2018

“Opting to reject bitterness, self pity or revenge, Carlile’s form of forgiveness—in her music and in these real life gestures—carries a mighty strength.” —NPR Fresh Air

“On By the Way, I Forgive You, she aims higher than ever before, this time with her best songs and exquisite production on her side.” —Paste

“…this is her moment.” —Pitchfork

“My Favorite Songs of 2017” (“The Joke”) —President Barack Obama 
“…an Adele-meets Joni Mitchell tour de force.” —Rolling Stone ✩✩✩✩

50 Best Albums of 2018 So Far—Rolling Stone

“If there’s any justice in the world, By The Way, I Forgive You should catapult Brandi Carlile into music’s upper echelons.” —Salon

The 50 Best Albums of 2018 So Far —UPROXX

“Carlile can hit diva-like highs but knows the devil is in the details. Dig in, and you might even forgive yourself for not discovering Carlile sooner.” —Variety

Produced by Grammy-Award winning producer Dave Cobb and acclaimed musician Shooter Jennings and recorded at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A, By The Way, I Forgive You includes ten new songs written by Carlile and longtime collaborators and bandmates Tim and Phil Hanseroth. Of their close relationship, Brandi comments, “The Twins and I have been in a band for so long now. And not just a band, we are literally a family. When you create art with twins, it becomes unclear when I end and where they begin.” In addition to Carlile (vocals, guitar, piano), Tim Hanseroth (vocals, bass), Phil Hanseroth (vocals, guitar), Cobb (guitar, percussion) and Jennings (piano, organ), the album features Chris Powell (drums), Josh Neumann (cello), John Mark Painter (French horn) as well as string arrangements and conducting by the late Paul Buckmaster (Elton John, The Rolling Stones).

Over the course of their acclaimed career, the band has released six albums, including 2015’s The Firewatcher’s Daughter, which garnered a Grammy nomination for “Best Americana Album.” Additionally, last year, they released Cover Stories: Brandi Carlile Celebrates 10 Years of the Story (An Album to Benefit War Child), which features 14 artists covering the songs on their breakthrough album The Story with all proceeds benefiting War Child. Artists included on the acclaimed project, which Rolling Stone calls, “tender and powerful,” include Dolly Parton, Adele, Pearl Jam, Kris Kristofferson, The Avett Brothers, Margo Price and Jim James as well as a forward written by President Obama. More details can be found here.

Carlile’s Girls Just Wanna Weekend—a destination concert vacation featuring an all female-fronted lineup—will take place at the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico January 30-February 3, 2019. In addition to multiple shows by Carlile, Girls Just Wanna Weekend will feature Maren Morris, Indigo Girls, Margo Price, Patty Griffin, Lucius, KT Tunstall, The Secret Sisters and Ruby Amanfu. Of her inspiration behind the event, Carlile comments, “Mainstream festivals in the U.S. habitually exclude women as headline artists equal to men. I was brought up by Lilith Fair to believe that men and women enjoy live music equally and that women can not only headline a festival—they can BE a festival.” Tickets are now on-sale. Complete details regarding the festival and packages are available via

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