Breakout Australian duo No Mono debuts their second track, “Violence Broken,” today—listen and share here.

“Violence Broken” follows No Mono’s debut single, “Butterflies,” which peaked at #2 on Spotify Australia’s Viral Chart. The duo recently premiered the “Butterflies” video, which features a performance art piece by vocalist Tom Snowdon—watch here.

The new song features Snowdon’s gripping vocals, which bring warmth across the track that builds and swells with intensity. Of “Violence Broken,” artist Tom Iansek says, “I remember discussing the general themes of the song with Tom (Snowdon)—the idea of arriving at the critical point of change in your life when you decide that the way you have been living is no longer serving you. Snowdon opened his lyric book to begin writing, and the first page he opened to had the words ‘Violence Broken’ written in the middle of the page. We smiled at each other; it encapsulated the idea so well, and the words flowed easily from here.”

Iansek continues, “So the song is about living violently, or against your own nature, and the tumultuous process of moving through this to a place where there is no fear and living more in line with your truer self. It is grabbing the steering wheel of your life for the first time and realizing you have no idea how to drive!”

No Mono is the special collaboration between two of Australia’s most revered artists—the Alice Springs-raised Snowdon and Iansek. The pairing began in 2014, when a connection was sparked by the now-hibernated #1 Dads project, which bore witness to two collaborations between Snowdon and Iansek: “Return To” and a cover of FKA Twigs’ “Two Weeks.” The songs left a lasting impression on Snowdon and Iansek, and it’s taken until now for new music to surface in what is a collaboration of the minds. Further music is set to be released from No Mono later this year.

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