RecordingTheMasters Partners with
Dala Records for New Mixtape Out
October 11

In Time for Cassette Store Day on October 12

Cassette Tapes Outpacing All Other Audio Formats—Including Vinyl—In Sales Growth

“[The FOX C-60 cassette] really rocks!” —Grammy-winning Tejano artist Carlos Guzman

RecordingTheMasters, the worldwide leader in reel-to-reel tape manufacturing, is partnering with New York-based Dala Records for a new mixtape due October 11 in time for the upcoming Cassette Store Day on October 12.

The mixtapes will be released in cassette format on RecordingTheMasters’ new FOX C-60 ferro-oxide cassette, an analog compact music cassette with best-in-class sound quality. See below for a complete track list and artwork.

Jean-Luc Renou, CEO of RecordingTheMasters’ parent company Mulann SA, notes, “Mulann’s RecordingTheMasters is proud to partner with Dala Records for the production of their first mixtape. Featuring our new ferro-oxide audio tape formula, our mission is to provide our customers and partners the best-in-class audio cassettes so that the end-user can enjoy the finest musical experience and tune into the wonder of music recorded, mixed and listened to on analog tape. Dala Records is the home of both great musicians and an understanding of the value gained by keeping analog techniques. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do.”

Dala Records’ founder Billy Aukstik adds, “At Dala Records, we have one goal in mind: to cultivate organic music and share it with the world. With a concentration on high quality artistry and analog presentation, Dala Records strives to fill a void in today's music industry. With that, we present, in collaboration with analog tape manufacturer Recording the Masters, the first ever Dala Records Mixtape! Featuring 18 of Dala’s finest releases, printed exclusively on RTM FOX C-60 Type 1 cassettes, the Dala Records Mixtape is the perfect introduction to one of the most soulful up-and-coming indie labels in the world. Packed full of R&B, Soul, Gospel, Folk, Rock, Pop and more, this mixtape is the perfect blend of moods ready to entertain any occasion.”

As all analog music formats (vinyl, cassette, reel-to-reel, etc.) continue to rise in popularity, cassette tapes now outpace all other formats—including vinyl—in consumer-market growth, more than quadrupling since 2011. Artists including Jack White, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Sufjan Stevens, Lana Del Rey, Muse and Ty Segall have all released recent albums on cassette—the most recent Cassette Store Day alone saw releases from Sleep, The Go! Team, Nick Lowe, Nada Surf, Frankie Cosmos, Sun Ra, J Dilla and many others—and a lengthy list of artists continues to use analog formats in the recording studio.

“The FOX C-60 cassette tape shows good MOL values and very low bias noise for a standard ferric oxide Type I tape,” notes Terence O’Kelly, former Director of Professional Products at BASF, adding, “in terms of quality criteria, both measures indicate a good quality tape with strengths in the more difficult parameters for cassette tape production.”

With the rise in demand for analog music cassettes, RecordingTheMasters’ new product is the first newly produced cassette on the market to offer high quality audio in analog format, ideal for listening, recording and archiving. The cassette tape is manufactured using legendary chemical formulas from AGFA and BASF at the Mulann facility in Normandy, France. It can be played on any standard compact cassette player, generally available at high-end audio stores and big-box stores nationwide.

RecordingTheMasters is a trademark of France-based Mulann SA, the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of both audio and magnetic tape. Additional info can be found at and


With a concentration on high quality artistry and analog presentation, Dala Records strives to fill a void in today’s music industry. The first ever Dala Records Mixtape, in collaboration with analog tape manufacturer RecordingTheMasters, features 18 of Dala’s finest releases hand-picked by founder Billy Aukstik and printed exclusively on RTM FOX C-60 Type 1 Cassettes.

For more information, please contact Joe Cohen, Krista Williams or Carla Sacks at Sacks & Co., 212.741.1000.

1. Camellia Hartman & The Soulful Saints, “Return the Favor”
2. Kyle Lacy, “Hangin’ On”
3. Billy the Kid, “Blue”
4. Steve Garvin, “Evelyne”
5. The Hook Brothers, “Watch What You Say”
6. Camellia Hartman & The Soulful Saints, “Breathin’ Hard (Over You)”
7. Billy the Kid, “Anything & Everything”
8. Emily Rault, “See the Light”
9. The Soulful Saints, “Butterfield East”
10. Raymond James Mason, “Back When”
11. Georgia Lee Johnson, “Here’s A Call”
12. Mel & Kim, “Bad Man”
13. Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints, “Runnin’ (To Get To Your Love)”
14. Billy the Kid & The Soulful Saints, “Love At Hello”
15. The Rad Trads, “Keith Richards & I”
16. Michael Harlen, “Thumb Tack”
17. Patrick Sargent, “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free”
18. John Fatum, “Ride On Nebraska”