Hope, the debut album from UK artist Tom Forest is available worldwide today via Beverly Martel. Listen/share here: Additionally, the video for the song “Monster” is premiering at Variance Magazine.

Hope falls into two halves—the songs written earliest in the process address the near death of Tom’s brother and explore the fragile nature of self-esteem and nostalgia for childhood. The second half is about finding a home and hope in fatherhood.

See early critical praise for Hope:

“The album is titled Hope and it’s truly the first great album to come out of 2018. The sonics are lush, the lyrics are true, and the vocals have an essence of heart that’s subtly overwhelming at times.” –The 405

“It could well be his most succinct, melodic, and infectious moment yet.” –Clash

“Forest sings about loss, faith, and resiliency, while twirling his voice over gorgeous melody.” –Speakers In Code

Tom Forest’s command of melody and tempo is a testament to his songwriting ability which is both touchingly fragile and heartbreakingly honest.” —Line of Best Fit

“‘Summer’ is super chill and so relaxing. The vocals are soothing, with a distinct feel of nostalgia interwoven throughout the whole track.”

“The new single has a stripped down production, with a simple drum arrangement guiding Forest’s gentle vocals and delicate piano arrangements. While the lyrics of ‘Superhuman' are rather sad, the message that you can overcome your own person struggle provides a sense of hope to the listener. The impassioned singing reassures the song’s subject that ‘you are superhuman,’ an uplifting message that is bolstered by the sincerity of the songwriter.” –

“lyrically emotional and musically infectious.” –Collide

“His soulful, impassioned voice invites us to dream—to ponder
the little things, making the most of each day.” –Atwod Magazine

Co-written with and produced by long-term collaborator and now wife, Isabel Gracefield, the album was recorded over the space of month in East London. Hope is for and about their family.

For more information, please contact Cami Opere or Carla Sacks at Sacks & Co., 212.741.1000.

1. Summer
2. You Have a Father
3. Believer
4. Superhuman
5. Human Nature
6. Worship
7. House of Cards
8. Warrior
9. Monster
10. Brother