Lizzy McAlpine
Give Me A Minute  

There’s a good chance Lizzy McAlpine is working on a song right now. The talented young Philadelphia native is always writing, resulting in a stockpile of 150 tunes at the age of 20. McAlpine selected 13 of them for Give Me A Minute, her first full-length album.

Written in the fall of 2019 all while she was studying in Spain, Give Me A Minute is a folk-pop chronicle of upheaval as one romantic relationship ended and another began, all while McAlpine far away from family, friends and her peers at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she majors in songwriting.

“It was a very lonely time, so I wrote a lot of songs,” says McAlpine, whose tunes have amassed more than 5 million streams across digital platforms. “That tends to happen whenever I go through a large-scale change, whether it’s in my environment or in my personal life.”

For all the emotional tumult, Give Me A Minute is subdued and introspective, with intimate songs that are subtle, but lush. McAlpine, who produced the album with Berklee classmate Philip Etherington, often sings in a soft murmur, augmenting her melodies with fingerpicked acoustic guitar, electric guitar accents, keyboards, electronic programming and elegant, understated string parts. McAlpine’s voice is dreamy and wistful over plucked strings on the title track, which is the first single from the album. Throughout, her lyrics are vivid and impactful: “I Knew” is a quietly giddy song about budding romance, while “Over-the-Ocean Call (Andrew)” recounts a wrenching telephone conversation as taut guitars circle around her voice.

“I really like using specific details in my songwriting,” says McAlpine, who released the eight-track collection Indigo in 2018. “It feels like it makes it more personal.”

She’s deeply connected to writing autobiographically, drawing on her own life for inspiration. “I find it really hard to write about things that I haven't personally been through,” she says. It’s clearly resonating: she has surpassed 90,000 followers on Instagram, and 200,000 on TikTok.

McAlpine is a prolific writer, though she’s reluctant to revisit her older material. “I feel like I’m improving with every new song that I write,” she says, even if the allure of the latest song can be complicated: “This album started out as a five-track EP with all different songs except for one,” McAlpine says, laughing. “Every time I write a new song, I think, ‘Oh, maybe I should put this on the album.’”

Give Me A Minute is her first LP, but McAlpine has been drawn to music since she was big enough to thump on her grandparents’ piano as a little kid. Soon her freeform experiments took on greater structure. “I started writing songs when I was in sixth grade,” says McAlpine. “But even before that, I just always did music. I took voice lessons for a year when I was 11 or 12, I was always in choir and I did a cappella in high school.”

After spending a year on Give Me A Minute, McAlpine already has a follow-up project in mind, though it’s too early to say how it might turn out. “This one is like a snapshot of where I was at that time,” she says. “The next project could be completely different. Honestly, it depends on where I’m at and what I’m going through.” 

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