Sarah Dooley
Is This Heartbreak?

Sarah Dooley is a musician, writer, and comedian from Valparaiso, Indiana. It was there she learned to play piano and violin and climb willow trees to spy on her cute neighbor. Having grown up playing Mahler in the school orchestra and marveling at her father’s cassette tape collection—Talking Heads, The B-52's, David Bowie—Sarah’s musical tastes have always been varied. 

It wasn’t until she heard Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine that Sarah began writing music of her own. Within the next few months, burned CDs of Sarah's songs were circulating around her high school. Later that year, Sarah ended up winning her school's Battle of the Bands competition (and subsequently squandered the prize money on too many nachos that same night).

Sarah's love of music and comedy brought her to New York, where she attended Barnard College of Columbia University and began performing her songs around the city. She frequently played at Sidewalk Cafe and Rockwood Music Hall, all the while working on her first fully produced album, Stupid Things, which came out in 2014 and was featured on NPR's "Morning Edition," who notes, "She combines sweetness and irony in some irreverent lyrics." This debut album showcased Sarah’s diverse tastes as it played with genre and tone, all the while focusing on themes of nostalgia, wistfulness, and whimsy.

After Stupid Things, Sarah dabbled in other forms of writing as well as performing and even wrote a book called Are You My Uber?, which was published by Running Press last October. She began making a name for herself in the NYC comedy community, performing stand-up and music regularly on popular shows such as Catherine Cohen’s weekly sold-out Cabernet Cabaret. Over the years, Sarah began combining her two loves—comedy alongside deeply personal music, opening for comedians like Pat Regan, Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchison with a unique mix of funny songs followed up quickly by gut-wrenching original ballads. Most recently, her cover of George Gershwin's “But Not For Me” was featured in "The Good Fight" on CBS. 

Sarah’s new album Is This Heartbreak? is a collection of songs that she wrote in the years after her first album, chronicling her many experiences as a young woman getting her heart broken in New York City. The song, “Only Child,” serves as a warning to others who might also be tempted by a sibling-less soul (“never fall for the only child / he doesn’t care if you live or die”). Another, “My Party” details a thwarted attempt to court a man by throwing a party and inviting him, only to have him leave early (“why did you go home? / don’t you like my party dress? / don’t you want my body anymore? / 'cause it wasn't a thing / but it wasn't nothing”

Despite its poppier leanings, the album opens with an orchestral arrangement—Sarah’s homage to the opening, titular track of Extraordinary Machine

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