“…khai dreams has quietly built themselves a small empire in the idyllic indie music scene. Their dreamy, melodic, and feel-great tracks have matured from lo-fi bedroom tracks to an infectious blend of surf rock, R&B, modern indie, and contemporary hip-hop influences.”—Ones to Watch

Today, Eugene, Oregon singer, songwriter and producer khai dreams debuts a new track, “Good Advice,” their first new single of 2020, alongside a video animated by Joseph Melhuish—listen here and watch the video here.

“I've always loved animation and I thought Joe's style in animation and design was so unique,” khai says. “I love the textures in his art, and how he plays with proportions and perspective to make everything even more surreal and crazy feeling. The colors are so vivid too, it makes everything really fun to just look at!”

The new track follows the “Sunkissedvideo and remixes by Phum Viphurit and again&again. “Sunkissed” is from khai’s 2019 EP, Now and Then, and has been streamed over 90 million times and used in over 300,000 videos on TikTok.

Following a string of breakout singles in 2017—including “Lost In You,” which has racked up nearly 60 million streams, and “Through and Through”—khai shared Nice Colors in 2018, a collaborative EP with Atwood, that showcased their “ability to craft a full-length body of work where no two tracks were quite alike,” according to Ones to Watch. The following year, khai released the Now and Then EP, featuring “Sunkissed” and six others.

Khai dreams is a 21-year-old, half-Vietnamese singer, songwriter and producer born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. With an eclectic blend of influences ranging from contemporary hip-hop and R&B to modern indie, surf rock, and neo-soul, khai’s dreamy brand of intimate pop has helped them amass more than 450 million career streams and a dedicated online following. Inspired by anime, the idyllic sounds of the ukulele and pressing discussions about gender and police brutality, khai dreams has collaborated with several artists including mxmtoon, Atwood, Forrest, Dream Easy Collective, biosphere and RudeManners. Khai is slated to release new music this year, following a critical period of self-reflection that found them reconfiguring their intentions and artistry within the context of these unprecedented times.

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