Is The Heartbreak?, the latest album from emerging Brooklyn-based musician, writer and comedian Sarah Dooley is out now. Fans can listen to/share the record HERE.

The new music continues to receive critical praise:

“10 TV Shows, Movies, and Music Moments You’ll Regret Missing
This Week”—Glamour

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“...she needles into the slightest details that are both minutely specific but exasperatingly universal.”—American Songwriter

“‘Is This Heartbreak?’ isn't just the title track of singer-songwriter Sarah Dooley’s upcoming record, it's the thesis statement. It’s about that terrifying moment of vulnerability where you lose control and let emotions take over.”—The Bluegrass Situation

“[‘When You’re Gone’] is about finding strength on the other side of brokenness. That might sound mopey, but the new single is anything but, with a bubbly synth canvas and Dooley's splendid vocal work that would work well over the credits of a great '80s film.”—Analogue

Recorded at Brooklyn’s Doctor Wu’s and Mozart Street Studios, Is This Heartbreak? was produced by frequent collaborator Evan Johnston and mixed by Yale Yng-Wong (Grizzly Bear, Frankie Rose, Bear Hands). The record, which was written in its entirety by Dooley, is a collection of songs that she wrote in the years after her first album, chronicling her many experiences as a young woman getting her heart broken in New York City.

“I didn’t sit down to write an album about heartbreak. I wrote the songs on the album one by one as I experienced things and people, in order to reflect on them and process them and make something out of the feelings,” says Dooley.

“Each track on the album looks at heartbreak from a different angle, studies it in all its forms, big and small. One song is about throwing a party so that a specific person will attend but then he leaves early. In another, I’m the heartbreaker. The titular track expresses the truth behind any relationship, as I see it: ‘is this love? / is this heartbreak?’ Any time you give your heart to someone, you are making yourself vulnerable to that distinction. It’s such a risky thing we do as humans—trust other humans with our messiest, most fragile parts of ourselves, all the while knowing it may end in devastation. But we do it again and again; we keep taking that leap. Because it’s worth it. Right?” Dooley muses. “Either that or we’re all huge morons. But I secretly think it’s worth it. Anyway, buy my album.”

Sarah Dooley’s love of music and comedy brought her to New York, where she attended Barnard College of Columbia University and began performing her songs around the city. She frequently played at Sidewalk Cafe and Rockwood Music Hall, all while working on her first fully produced album, Stupid Things. This debut album showcased Sarah’s diverse tastes as it played with genre and tone, all the while focusing on themes of nostalgia, wistfulness and whimsy.

After Stupid Things, Sarah dabbled in other forms of writing as well as performing; her book Are You My Uber? was published by Running Press last October. She also began making a name for herself in the NYC comedy community, performing stand-up and music regularly on popular shows such as Catherine Cohen’s weekly sold-out Cabernet Cabaret. Over the years, Sarah began combining her two loves—comedy alongside deeply personal music—opening for comedians like Pat Regan, Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchison with a unique mix of funny songs followed by gut-wrenching original ballads. Most recently, her cover of George Gershwin’s “But Not For Me” was featured in “The Good Fight” on CBS.

For more information, please contact Louis D’Adamio or Carla Sacks at Sacks & Co., 212.741.1000.

1. My Body Is Champagne
2. My Party 
3. Twisted
4. When You’re Gone
5. Two Marbles
6. Only Child
7. Not Like A Bird
8. I Hope It Was You
9. Shut Up 
10. Is This Heartbreak?