“Each song is its own mellifluous novella, a chapter in a book on the human condition.”—Paper Magazine

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Today, YOASOBI released their first ever English language album, E-SIDE. Listen/share the LP HERE.

The album features previously released songs “Monster,” “Into The Night,” “RGB,” “Romance” and most recently “Blue.” Comprised of composer Ayase and vocalist ikura, the duo creates music from novels—Each of their songs is inspired by the plot of a short story published on the popular creative writing website monogatary.com.

YOASOBI spoke with Paper Magazine in their first U.S. interview. Read HERE.

One of Japan’s fastest rising J-pop acts, they have topped the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, reached #1 on the Billboard Japan Top Artists chart, accumulated over 2.7 billion streams across releases, and are now taking on a U.S. audience with the release of E-SIDE.

YOASOBI’s original Japanese version of “Into The Night” is ranked #1 on Spotify Japan’s “Most Streamed Songs in Japan in the Last Five Years” category—The breakthrough hit has now surpassed 600 million streams.

On December 1, the duo will be releasing THE BOOK 2, a sophomore album which will include seven tracks released throughout this year plus one song which has previously only been heard live and will be newly available digitally.

Their first single “夜に駆ける (Yoru ni kakeru)” became a smash hit upon its release in November 2019, topping multiple streaming charts in Japan and ranking in various viral charts around the world. YOASOBI also performed at the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (NHK Red & White Song Battle).

Earlier this year YOASOBI released their debut album, THE BOOK. The group released two singles, “怪物 (Kaibutsu)” and “優しい彗星 (Yasashii Suisei),” both of which were chosen to be the opening and closing theme songs, respectively, for the hit TV shows “BEASTARS” and ranked #1 on various music charts. The album debuted at #2 on the ORICON daily ranking chart, while each album track landed in the Top 15 of the Apple Music streaming chart simultaneously.

In February 2021, YOASOBI performed their first solo concert “KEEP OUT THEATER” at a construction site in Kabukicho, Shinjuku which used to be the Milano Theater; more than 40,000 viewers tuned in for the livestream. In June 2021, Billboard Japan announced their music chart for the first half of the year and YOASOBI ranked #1 on the Billboard Japan Top Artists chart.

YOASOBI also collaborated with Uniqlo’s graphic T-shirt brand, UT. YOASOBI UT features the band’s key visuals of six YOASOBI songs: their debut single “夜に駆ける (Yoru ni Kakeru),” “ハルジオン (Harujion),” “たぶん (Tabun),” “群青 (Gunjyo),” “ハルカ (Haruka),” “アンコール (Encore)” and YOASOBI’s latest song, “三原色 (Sangenshoku).”

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